Guest Speaker Bio
Dave Laton has more than 40 years’ experience developing and managing education and training for business and industry, governmental agencies, academic institutions, and congregations of the churches of Christ. Dave holds degrees in education administration, business management, adult education, and a Doctor of Ministry in Religious Education Leadership. He is curre... read all »
Advice to Our Graduates
To succeed, make God your closest ally and his people your best friends – Few things will benefit you as much in life as seeking out God and his people wherever the road ahead takes you. Hard work pays off, God promises – We reap as we sow. According to Galatians 6:6-10, God assures us that he will provide the harvest of what we have planted. Jesus said the la... read all »
Don't You Believe It!
If Eve had not listened to the serpent, she would not have eaten the fruit. But she did listen to him and brought sin with all of its corruption into paradise (Genesis 3). If Aaron had not listened to the people, he would not have made that golden calf that they worshiped as a god. But he did listen to them, he did make the calf, which made him look pretty dumb bro... read all »
A Wonderful "However"
God made both Adam and Eve in his image (Genesis 1:26-27). Adam was given priority as the first one created. Eve was made from Adam, and her purpose was not to compete with him, but to help him. Equality with Adam was also not the focus. God’s purpose for both of them was unity, two people becoming one. Paul wrote a rare word of praise for the church in Corinth... read all »
Am I All That?
Am I being the image of Jesus he calls me to be? Do I serve like he serves, knowing that some whom I serve will be ungrateful or apathetic? I am so glad he keeps on serving even though the ungrateful one is often me. Do I have compassion like him? I have tons of compassion. Well, okay, is mostly for myself, but isn’t that still compassion? No one throws as goo... read all »
Encouraged to Encourage
My computer immediately put a blue line under the second “Encourage” above, meaning the system program questions the legitimacy of this word in that place. But there is no question in our minds about the value of encouragement, is there? I mean, when is it out of place to put some courage into someone to help them do well? If you could go back in time, whom wou... read all »
Court is Now in Session
A man by the name of Derek Chauvin is presently on trial for the death of another man named George Floyd. It is feared that there may be reprisals if the outcome does not satisfy those whose minds are already made up regarding his guilt. Perhaps this fact, more so than the actual verdict, is what scares most folks the most. Regardless of how passionately some feel ... read all »
To God Be the Glory
Here are pictures and names of the Gonzalez family who were baptized by Gumer Gonzales (brother to the father of this family) who was converted through BibleTalk & our website. About time we had some good news, huh? — Marty The pictures of their baptism that... read all »
The Resurrection of Christ
This coming weekend is Easter Sunday. The day known around America as the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. His resurrection was predicted in the Old Testament and came to fruition in the New and this is the day our country has set aside to celebrate the plan God put together at the very beginning of time so that we may have a hope of being in Heav... read all »
Are You Raising Good People?
“Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of discipline will drive it far from him”, Proverbs 22:15 Children are foolish unless we teach & train them to be otherwise. If you want to avoid having foolish children, you have to put forth some effort. Trust me, it is not easy, and you won’t get it right all the time, but God provides some guidance... read all »