The 7th Day or the 1st Day?
Nothing in the New Testament leads us to observe the Sabbath. What we see beginning in the gospels and continuing in the rest of the New Testament is a break from the Sabbath with a new emphasis on the first day of the week. Each gospel writer carefully points out that Jesus’ resurrection was on the first of the week, Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:1-2, Luke 24:1 & John ... read all »
Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What'cha Gonna Do....
Judah’s citizens had practiced 57 years of apostasy and idolatry when Josiah became king… and he was just eight years old! But he would set his heart to follow God. When Josiah was 20, he began a purge of the idolatrous images and high places. Then at age 26, he sent workmen to repair the neglected temple in Jerusalem. Somehow during this project, a priest ... read all »
Find the Good You Are Looking For
“And Jesus said unto them, ‘Go forth and nit-pick’”, from the book of 1st Darkened Imaginations 13:13. Right. Nit pickers are everywhere, taking great pride in pointing out all that is wrong with the world. They can see a flaw from a mile away… in the dark. Finding fault is the lowest of human skills. The last thing I need is some self-assigned critic p... read all »
Vaclav the Good
Perhaps you know him by the German name “Wenceslas”? He reigned as monarch in Bohemia from 922-929 and was so known for his benevolent nature that he became the patron saint of the Czech people. Mr. J.M. Neale (1818-1866) wrote a song that purports to recount one of Vaclav’s many acts of kindness. The song has long inspired me as to the beauty of those given... read all »
The Possibility: "Peace on Earth!"
Two millenniums ago in a shepherd’s field, A Heavenly Host sang—as God willed— “Peace on earth,” the Almighty decreed: A Savior was born to meet our need! That Heavenly Host was “praising God,” For His response where human’s trod; From the beginning blood had flowed, As Cain—like conduct growed and growed! Jesus, that Savior, solemnly warned ... read all »
Thank You Church!
Have you ever had to make decisions that would be considered acceptable to a few hundred people (keep reading)? This year’s circumstances have prompted your shepherds to meet on several occasions and hash out decisions we never thought we would have to make. It is one thing to cancel worship assemblies & Bible classes for ice, snow, tornaders and the like when ... read all »
Suffering for Jesus
About a week ago as I write this, terrorists violently beheaded three Christian men in the Indonesian village of Lemban Tongoa and burned another man and his son alive in their house. In Nigeria, West Africa, a minister & two Christian women were recently kidnapped by terrorists. Their condition and whereabouts are presently unknown. A mob of around 2,000 Hindus at... read all »
Well, What are You?
Are you one of those “silly” maskers, or a crazed “conspiracy theorist” non-masker? Do you believe in science? Well, duh, everybody believes in science, right? But which of the multiple, mutually opposed scientific statements do you espouse about Covid? Herd immunity science? Chinese genocide science? Leftist agenda science? Vaccine research science? M... read all »
What Have We Become?
Evil has shown itself and is waging a war against Christianity and the Gospel of Christ. This morning I saw a video of a man getting knocked out. It seems he was trying to protect others. Afterward, he had his head stomped on multiple times and then his phone was stolen from him as he lay there helpless. During the same incident, a person was stabbed and another 13 pe... read all »
Natural Disasters
This last week, Central Oklahoma experienced a natural disaster. Do you ever wonder why natural disasters occur on earth? I mean, other than reasons science tells us about like soil erosion, seismic activity, tectonic movements, air pressure, and ocean currents; why do they happen? It may seem that, during these times, it’s easy to ask, “Where was God?” We can... read all »