Limitless God
In my daily Bible reading I’m currently in the book of Job, which our gut reaction sometimes is to think of Job as a book on perseverance.  And that is certainly an element of Job and his situation, but if we stay in that camp we completely miss a deeper understanding of the book and a deeper understanding of who God is. Job is sitting there with 3 of his “f... read all »
What Has God Done?
You and I had a sin problem that was personal to each of us as individuals.  My sins were my sins, yours were yours, and we were on a fast track to paying for our sins with our souls. What did God do?  He sent Jesus who would “taste death for everyone” (as Hebrews 2:9 says).  Now I have eternal life through him, and this life is available to everyo... read all »
What is Patience? A word extremely common in our every day vocabulary. I thought about how I needed some this morning trying to help get our children around for the day. Then I realized I didn’t even know the meaning. I only know what I THINK the meaning is. So what is the actual definition of patience, what does the Bible say about it, and how can we apply it in ou... read all »
Could She Be You?
The unnamed, insignificant (?), Hebrew slave girl of Naaman was the central cause of one of the most unusual Spirit supplied stories in the Old Testament.  Here is what we know about her: 1. She retained faith in God, while serving as a slave in the foreign region of Syria; 2. She was confident of God’s power and knew God’s prophet (Elisha) could cleanse a le... read all »
Naaman's Conversion
If you are familiar at all with Naaman, captain of the Syrian (Aramean) host, you may think first of his miraculous cure from leprosy.  While that cure is truly remarkable, it was merely a change in his flesh, which God can easily affect.  Did you notice, however, the change that was made in his heart? Naaman arrived at Elisha’s doorstep with a grand ... read all »
Who Did We Lose in 2018?
70’s rock group Moody Blues blended rock & roll with symphonic orchestrations.  Founding member and lead singer Ray Thomas is now gone. We will miss the comic antics of Beloved Jerry Van Dyke, Dick Van Dyke’s brother. Alan Bean & John Young, who both literally walked on the moon, now walk in eternity. If you can hear “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” in your ... read all »
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?
That’s what the song says, and it is not entirely wrong.  But Christmastime and year-end festivities can often remind us of reasons we have to be sad.  How does one cope?  Okay, you know some suggestions are coming.  Get ready! Make contact with loved ones as you are able.  Take them some cookies (even store-bought) if they are close enoug... read all »
Power Perfected in Weakness
What does this idea from 2nd Corinthians 12:9 mean? Maybe it’s like when God promised Abraham and Sarah, a couple waaaay past the age of bearing children, that they would have a son through whom the entire world would be blessed.  But then, as if to prove a point, he waits 25 years more to fulfill this promise so that they don’t have a son together until Abr... read all »
Something to Consider
This articles relates to something each one of you has—young, old, single, married, rich or poor.  That something is TIME!  It is tied to something else—choices, responsibility, accountability, (Romans 14:10-12; II Corinthians 5:10).  It is also tied to one other sobering factor-Eternity!  Every piece of it-every tick of the clock is ti... read all »
What Would Be a Christ-like Response to the “Migrant Caravan”?
Thankfully, what will be done regarding the folks from Ecuador, is not to be decided by the church, but by our government, and the responsibilities of government are very different from those of the church.  Governments are ordained of God to maintain justice among their citizens, rewarding good and punishing evil, according Romans 13:1-7.  The government’... read all »