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Two Homes, Countless Storms, One Rock

Two men were building homes. The first man was wise. He built his house upon a firm foundation, the rock. The second man was foolish. This man chose to build his house on an ever-changing foundation, the sand. At first, both homes seemed secure. The home on the sand may have even been more aesthetically pleasing. But then the storm came. The rain fell, the floods rose, and the winds slammed against both houses. The wise man’s house stood firm, unshaken by the elements. The foolish man’s houses fell, and mighty was its fall.

Through our lives, every one of us will face storms. Every one of us will face hardship and suffering. Our hopes, our dreams, our ideas, our entire beings will be tested by the storm. We don’t get to choose when the storms come or what kind of storms they will be, but we do get to choose where we will find shelter in the time of the storm. We do get to choose what kind of home we will build for ourselves.

The wise will build upon Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The wise will secure their homes to His words and teachings. The wise will trust the Son of God to hold them. The foolish will build upon the things of this world. The foolish will put their faith in things like their country, political party, families, education, or jobs. The foolish will cling to things that will always shift and change. Let us endure the storm with wisdom. Let us build our homes on the rock.